About Us

Steelhorse Motorsports is Wade Fletcher, Tim Fletcher and Brad Weber; three motorsports enthusiasts who have spent the better part of their lives finding ways to put rubber to pavement in pretty much any form. These days though, we’re most interested in helping riders of the Harley nation find ways to access parts and accessories without the high cost of purchasing from traditional sources. Our relationships with manufacturers and vendors make this possible and our business model means it benefits you.

Steelhorse Motorsports is different in at least one other way. We also share ownership in Hogz & Honeez, one of the Midwest’s premier biker destinations. Located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, a strong reputation for great food, live music, engaging events and friendly, accommodating service has quickly crowned Hogz & Honeez as the go-to destination for fun. Capitalizing on the strengths of both businesses then, we are working to build a rider community that provides fantastic service, exceptional pricing and a fun, friendly and welcoming destination.

Become a part of the community. Ride with us. We are Steelhorse Motorsports.

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